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What is More Important - GRADES OR LIFE

No doubt - today’s era is the era of competition and opportunities. We blindly follow the set rules of the society built by a few academicians. The criteria are fixed for each and every living human, who would do what, when and how, but the reality is far from these norm or thumb rules. If observed keenly we will find successful people from diverse academic backgrounds, one should research the education qualifications of founders of 'ten most valued brands'. 

On the similar lines getting excellent grades like A+ or at least by students has also been presumed to be very important for successful life. No doubt education is very important. Adequate or basic education is the need of today’s world, but we must understand that getting the education is entirely different from getting good grades.

You must agree with me that we all may be good at one or two things, but we cannot have excellence in everything. In the same way, children have also their own potentials and eligibilities. Some children may like swimming whereas others may like sports. Every individual has his or her own choice which must be respected and motivated.

Sometimes it happens that even a good and sincere child may fail in obtaining good grades so what should his or her parents do? They should understand the situation of the child instead of beating, scolding or insulting him. Putting a lot of burdens may deteriorate the interest of a child from the studies. It is not hidden that number of suicides by students are increasing day by day due to their failure of getting good grades. These are not SUICIDES actually, these are MURDERS, yes, murders by their own parents and the weapons they use are ‘PRESSURE’ and  ‘EXPECTATION’. 

Children are children whether they are good in studies or not, so let them remain children. Don’t crush their childhood under mean pressure. Don’t spoil their happiness with your harsh words if they perform average or below average in their examination. Don’t compare your ward with the merit holders, if your word is not one of them. We must not forget that children can never be mature enough to handle the pressure put on them by their own parents as they see them as their support system. So, when they are burdened by insult, hopelessness, loneliness, and depression they find 'suicide' 'the easy way out'.

So if we want our children to be mature, we need to get matured and understand that grades can never be more important than the lives of our children. Fewer grades may become better one day but a life once gone can never be back. Being a parent it is our duty to understand the feeling of our children, instead of pressurizing children we must motivate them to do studies insanity or to do what they love to do.

Give wings to their dreams, live life with them. Love them, have fun, educate them. Feel proud of what your ward is good at.

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